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Fight for Air Climbs are unique fundraising events for the American Lung Association. They usually happen in prominent skyscrapers, stadiums or arenas and involve climbing multiple steps. Sometimes called a "vertical road race", teams and individual participants can use the event as a fitness target, as a race, with you challenging yourself or you racing against other people, or as a great way to be active and meet new friends. We know a lot about lung disease, but there is so much we don't know. Your participation will raise the funds necessary to provide life saving education, research and advocacy so we can beat lung disease and soon find a cure.

We Climb for Those Who are ‘Fighting For Air’

  • We climb for our friends and loved ones who suffer from lung cancer, the leading cancer killer.
  • We climb for those who struggle to breathe, because air pollution threatens lives.
  • We climb for those whose asthma makes even the simple act of breathing difficult.
  • We climb for those that can’t breathe on their own.
American Lung Association Fight For Air Climb: What's Your Motivation?

Watch this short video and see why so many people choose to walk with us.

Contact your local American Lung Association Office at 1-800-LUNGUSA

2014 Top Teams:

  • Team 27, Des Moines
  • Team Stab Plus, Philadelphia
  • Baker Tilly, Milwaukee

2014 Top Individual Fundraisers:

  • Scott Dean, Des Moines
  • Susan Keck, St. Louis
  • David Parker, Boston
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